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Expand Your Living Space with Professional Room Additions in Houston, TX by BHC Contracting LLC

Expanding your home's footprint can provide the extra space you've always desired. At BHC Contracting LLC, we specialize in room additions, seamlessly integrating new spaces into existing structures and ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision.


Design and Consultation

Our journey begins with understanding your needs and vision for the new space. We'll collaborate with you on the design, ensuring it complements the existing architecture and meets your functional requirements, whether it's an extra bedroom, office, or sunroom.

Paint Cans

Quality Construction

Our seasoned construction team uses only the highest-quality materials and follows best practices to ensure that your room addition stands the test of time. The integrity of your home's structure is paramount to us, and we ensure seamless integration of the new addition.

Countertop Measurement

Space Optimization

Every square foot counts when adding a new room. We focus on creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, maximizing utility and comfort.

Television Room

Permit and Regulations

Room additions often require permits and must adhere to local building codes. Our experienced team manages this process, ensuring that all work is compliant and saving you the hassle of navigating regulatory requirements.

Plastering Wall

Finishing Touches

A room isn't complete without those finishing touches that make it truly yours. We offer custom carpentry, painting, flooring, and more to bring your vision to life and make the space feel integrated with the rest of your home.

Backyard Washing

We Can Help

Looking to expand your living space? Trust in BHC Contracting LLC's expertise in room additions in Houston. Call us today for a detailed consultation and a personalized quote.

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